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Why You May Want To Clear Your Browser's Cache

It looks like you may be experiencing some problems with our website. It's possible that your browser's saved version (cookies, cache, etc.) has a glitch that is preventing it from working. Usually, this happens when you’ve walked away from the site, forgot it was up, then when returning it looked fine. But, most likely it had timed out. It fails to work then.

Here is what we suggest: We prefer (and recommend) the Chrome browser on Windows 10 with a wired network connection for using our site. Whichever browser, device, operating system or type of connection you're using, if you haven't cleared your browser's history recently, now would be a good time. There may be memory of the issue which will continue on, sometimes across devices. When you clear your history it's the cookies and the cached images that you'll want to clear. Be sure not to clear your passwords or auto-fill entries.

Then, start from scratch. Close and reopen your browser, and maybe even restart your device. Then, begin from the original template. Save occasionally, every five or ten minutes or so. If you want to keep each saved version, just number them - ex: Tsunami 1, Tsunami 2, etc.

This should clear up your problems.

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